Leibler Yavneh College is a Co-educational Modern Orthodox Zionist Jewish Day School, with over 700 students from Creche to Year 12. The College is located in the heart of Jewish life in Melbourne, Australia.

Yavneh is an outstanding College with a rich and inspiring history. Our team of educators are passionate about instilling a love of Judaism into their modes of teaching. We aspire to a lifetime love of learning and pursuit of academic excellence in both Jewish and General Studies, because they are mutually reinforcing.

We believe that children should and can achieve their potential. Offering a broad range of curriculum ensures all students are encouraged to develop a wide range of skills. We are committed to the development of a warm and nurturing school environment for all students which leading by example, encourages the practice of Derech Eretz (ethical behaviour), adherence to Halacha, and a commitment to Religious-Zionist ideals.

We believe that helping our students realise their potential requires a holistic emphasis on their overall sense of well-being: personal, emotional and intellectual needs. We strive to develop resilient, independent learners, equipped with the appropriate knowledge and cutting edge skills to participate effectively as Jews in the outside world. We encourage our students to take pride in their Australian heritage and challenge them to make their own contribution in order to shape its future direction.

We are proud of our school and its caring and warm, students, staff and community and we look forward to welcoming you to our Yavneh family.


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