Yavneh Program A Unique Yavneh Program

Our values through a dual curriculum

Yavneh achieves a unique balance between a stimulating and challenging Jewish Studies curriculum, a comprehensive General Studies program and wide-ranging extra-curricular activities throughout the College. 

We endeavour to cultivate an informed love of Torah and reverence for G-d. The seamless integration of the dual curriculum encourages personal observance of mitzvot, a love for and identification with Medinat Yisrael, the Jewish people, and an on-going responsibility for humanity and the world in which we live. We also endeavour to develop a commitment to ideals of freedom, democracy, human dignity, justice and fairness, encouraging critical thinking, intellectual growth and a persistent striving for academic excellence and an understanding of what it means to be a “mensch”.


Every stage of learning is important at Yavneh: from our Crèche and Early Learning education through to our Secondary School.

Our learning environment is based on partnerships between teachers, students and parents. Yavneh has outstanding professional and dedicated teachers – the fundamental requirement for optimal teaching and learning. We focus on the individual – recognising and appreciating that every child learns differently and different styles of learning are embraced.


Yavneh provides a safe and supportive learning environment.  

Each student is guided by a Homeroom Teacher (Primary School), and a Year Level Convenor (Secondary School) and is supported by the College Psychologist, the Campus Rabbi, Head of Student Management and a team of experienced educators. Our Health & Wellbeing Program and the Life Skills Program in Primary and Secondary Schools, are designed to enrich core competencies, self-management, resilience, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.


Leadership development is part of the program for all students, helping them gain an understanding of the responsibilities involved in managing projects, other people and their own time.

Leadership training is provided for those who take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided at Yavneh. Throughout the College, Yavneh students have opportunities to “make a difference”. In Primary School, students can stand for election to the Student Council, House Leadership and general school leadership positions. Secondary School students can nominate to represent their year level on the Student Council, while senior students are eligible to be elected as House Captains; Social Action Captains; Jewish Life and Zionist Captains; Performing Arts Captains and College Captains. This allows students opportunities to participate in decision-making at the highest level and encourages student participation in student-centred and student-led projects throughout the College.

Most importantly, students benefit from working as a team which provides wonderful preparation for communal leadership when they leave school.

“At the heart of education should be education of the heart” — Harvey Mackay

Social Justice and Community Service

Students support a range of different charities and organisations by fundraising and with a commitment of time and effort – the concept of Tzedakah and Gemilut Hasadim.

We believe in a strong commitment to social justice – and as the concept of giving becomes part of their lives, most students continue this community service beyond their school years.

We encourage students to impact their world and the world of others. It is important that Yavneh students learn to give of themselves and their time to help those less fortunate than themselves. Primary School students are encouraged to do this informally as an extension of the values they are taught and learn in class. In Secondary School, this is further encouraged through the mandatory Community Service Program, where students from Year 7 through to Year 10 participate in a minimum of 20 hours of Community Service each year. Many students involve themselves in considerably more than this and the College takes pride in their selfless dedication and commitment to helping others within and beyond our community.

Yavneh students are knowledgeable, passionate Jews, able to understand their past in order to shape their future.

Sport and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education are important components of the weekly curriculum from the early years through to Year 10.

Students participate in Inter-House and Inter-School Sport, with training and coaching provided. A Learn-to-Swim program is also offered for students from Prep to Year 6.

Recreational sports such as dance, ultimate frisbee, circus skills, gym sessions and badminton are introduced in Year 9/10 to enhance the traditional sports program, which includes:
• Athletics
• Cricket
• Cross country
• Football
• Futsal
• Life saving
• Netball
• Soccer
• Swimming / Water polo
• Table tennis
• Tennis
• Volleyball

Our Year 10 students participate in a Leadership Sports Coaching Course. They train in a selected sport and subsequently coach Year 3 and 4 students for a four-week program.

Information and Communications Technology

Our students’ technological skills are developed progressively from the early years. Interactive Smartboards, blogs, and the incorporation of ‘e-learning’ strategies ensure cutting-edge learning and best practice teaching.

Students can remotely access the College’s Intranet site, Moodle (the online course management system), their email and files and teacher-created websites built on the WordPress platform, facilitating online learning.