Jewish Life at Yavneh

Our motto “Living Judaism today. For tomorrow” is reinforced through the ongoing teaching and integration of the Hebrew language and Jewish calendar. This is integral in the daily life of every College student, from Crèche through to Year 12. Our distinctive Jewish and Zionist ethos permeates every aspect of the day and week.

The College provides an intensive Jewish learning program to produce graduates with knowledge in Ivrit, Jewish texts and practice – and an intense love for Israel.

Our students are encouraged to apply their Jewish knowledge to everyday life, harmoniously fusing together their identities as Jews and members of the modern and sophisticated society in which we live.


Informal Jewish Education

As well as our formal curriculum, Yavneh boasts a brilliant Informal Jewish Studies department. Led by our Campus Rabbi, Noam Sendor, together with our Banot Sherut Leumi and Hesder Bachurim, the informal department runs regular programs for students of all ages, designed to increase their knowledge and awareness of upcoming Chagim (festivals) and events in Israel. The students look forward to Shabbatonim, Zionist camps and Hadracha (leadership) seminars run by our capable, fun and vibrant informal department.


Bnei Mitzvah Program

All Year 6 girls and Year 7 Boys participate in the Yavneh pre-Bar or Bat Mitzvah program. Weekly sessions cover a wide range of topics including mitzvot and midot, halacha, and the development of an understanding of who they are in connection to family, community, society, their roots, their own Bar/Bat Mitzvah parsha and to Israel. Guest speakers are invited to broaden their insight into Judaism, as they embark on their journey into adulthood as Jewish men and women.

The Bat Mitzvah program includes mother/daughter learning evenings and an annual mother/daughter Shabbaton. The program culminates in a unique Bat Mitzvah evening together with family and friends.

Our pre-Bar Mitzvah boys also participate in a pre-Bar Mitzvah program, with father/son learning sessions and a father/son Bar Mitzvah Shabbat and weekend.


Beit Midrash Program

Yavneh is justly proud of its Beit Midrash program. The presence on campus of the Senior Rabbi of Mizrachi, Rabbi Danny Mirvis, together with our 4 Bachurei Hesder, ensures that each student has the opportunity to learn ‘Chevrutah’ style in a stimulating and authentic Yeshiva environment. As well as bringing a taste of Israel into Yavneh, the Beit Midrash gives students an opportunity to increase their Jewish learning and facilitates the forming of timeless bonds with these wonderful young role models.

Yavneh produces students who are knowledgeable, passionate Jews, able to understand their past and equipped to shape their future.