Extending the Individual 

A wide range of co-and extra-curricular activities and programs ensures the education of the “whole child”. Students are involved in Debating, Public Speaking, Chess, Lunch Time Clubs, Informal Jewish Education and Mishna Programs. In the Arts, the opportunities for students extend beyond the curriculum and include dramatic and musical productions, soirées, concerts and other visual art activities.

At various times throughout the year, we hold inquiry-based programs such as Yemei Iyun (Days of Inquiry and Study) where students are exposed to contemporary, historical, religious and moral issues and explore the frontiers where Judaism interacts with the modern, sophisticated world in which we live. Shabbatonim and special assemblies further encourage our students to question, explore and reflect.

A comprehensive Outdoor Experience Program, with residential camps from Years 4-8 extends skills from year to year, giving students a real sense of personal achievement.


Debating is a vibrant program in the life of Leibler Yavneh College. Students throughout the secondary school have the opportunity to be actively involved in the program, which assists in developing their critical thinking skills, oratory skills and sense of self-confidence. Leibler Yavneh College is a member of the Debating Association of Victoria, the peak debating body in Victoria, which provides our students with the opportunity to debate against other schools in the state.


Sherut Girls and Hesder Boys

The Sherut Girls and Hesder Boys are the Duracell bunnies of the college, energizing student learning and developing close and lasting bonds with the students. Heralding from Israel, four Sherut Girls and four Hesder Boys spend a year of their Israeli national service enlivening the college with creative, innovative and engaging programs that bring the flavours of Israel, Zionism and Judaism to life.


Peforming Arts

The vision of VCA music graduate and Head of Music, Jonathan Skovron has launched Yavneh into an unprecedented musical revolution. The formation of a Contemporary Band and A Capella choir, grassroots student-driven jam sessions, countless Victorian awards for junior musical theatre and consistently outstanding VCE music scores, has entrenched Yavneh as an eminent college for musical culture and excellence.