Yianna’s teaching career began in Sydney, teaching in a Primary School not far from where she grew up and went to school. Mrs Pullen’s first major teaching role was in Physical Education for disabled children which supported her role as an educator in a school for children with Autism and multiple disabilities. She married and moved to Victoria where she continued her studies majoring in Mathematics and Computing. Her love of learning and thirst for exploring alternative ways to approach teaching and curriculum led her to post-graduate studies in the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program, understanding the Principles of Reggio Emilia and more recently conducting research in Mathematics with both Deakin and Monash Universities. Yianna has taught in a variety of schools in both the private and public sector including brief stints in International schools overseas. She is very interested in a concept-driven inquiry approach to teaching and learning that integrates the curriculum, is contextual and is one that invites children’s prior knowledge, passions and interests; the ultimate objective being to create a vital, dynamic environment that promotes a joy of learning.