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Donate to the Yavneh Bright Futures Appeal today to help Yavneh grow.

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The future holds endless possibilities.  And at Yavneh, we believe every student deserves the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential and shine. We facilitate this journey by giving them the essential resources to prepare for every hurdle, every opportunity, and every challenge they may face.  

To continue to provide this level of excellence we are asking for your financial support to create integrated 21st century learning spaces that will inspire our children to further their creative potential.

As part of our extended family, you can help support the nurturing and education of the next generation of Yavneh students.

For just one day, we have the opportunity to fundamentally change the classroom experience for our students and teachers, increase productivity and enable them to better communicate and work collaboratively with their peers.  This upgrade will provide students with the choice of not only how to learn, but a framework that best facilitates their learning.
Every dollar you donate has DOUBLE THE IMPACT, as every dollar will be matched by our generous benefactors to help reach our goal. 
Your support means everything to us! On behalf of the Yavneh Family, THANK YOU!
If you have any questions, please contact appeal@yavneh.vic.edu.au
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