Yavneh baBayit was successfully launched on March 25 and has been running efficiently and most importantly, effectively since then. 

Tailored to the needs, abilities and interests of the different learners in our school, Yavneh baBayit has emerged in a number of age-appropriate forms. Students in our Primary School have been provided guided tasks and are supported with live feedback. Our Secondary students have retained their regular timetable, with classes delivered using Microsoft Teams which has provided an interface for students to interact live with their teachers. Spirit and community have been fostered by daily communal tefilla accompanied by uplifting thoughts and inspirational singing, live assemblies hosted by our College Captains and a range of international speakers who have joined us virtually to engage our students on a host of topics.

Despite the shift away from our usual face to face learning to remote learning, teachers, students and parents of the Leibler Yavneh College community have really embraced these changes and indeed risen to the challenge. Creativity, innovation and flexibility have all been at the forefront of the implementation of Yavneh baBayit.



Launch Event