In our Yeda Klali unit this term, Year 5 has been reviewing the topic of brachot. In addition to our work in class, the students have been working in groups across the year level to create their own interactive brachot games which they will be playing with the Prep students later in the term. They have created board games, lotto games, memory games and more! The students have absolutely loved creating the games and can’t wait to play them!

As a conclusion to our brachot unit, the students went on an excursion to Kosher Kingdom where they needed to find various food items that belonged to different bracha categories. Once they completed their questionnaire, the students then purchased food items to bring back to school to create their own Mishloach Manot parcels for the less fortunate members of our community.

The students thoroughly enjoyed preparing their own creative parcels. The Rabbis teach us that the reward for doing a mitzvah is the mitzvah itself, the good feeling one receives from helping others. May the Year 5 students continue to fulfill the mitzvot with joy and derive much inner satisfaction. Kol Hakavod for the wonderful work!!!


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