The Primary School 

Building a Community of Learners

In Primary School our children are inspired to reach their potential by shaping new attitudes to learning.  They learn how to care, to listen, to take turns and to concentrate.  They are encouraged to make decisions, become self-sufficient, ask and answer questions, solve problems and work independently.

As we consider Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to be vital to mental health, we include a ‘hands on’ play program from Prep to Year 3. The program assists students in identifying and sharing their emotions, providing skills for communication and strategies for coping with life’s ups and down.

Literacy and Numeracy – the foundation stones of all academic learning at Yavneh – mark the beginning of a holistic education that begins in Foundation and continues throughout our children’s schooling. Progress in these areas is carefully and objectively monitored.

Jewish Studies and Ivrit – the basis of all cultural and spiritual learning at Yavneh – mark the beginning of their journey as committed Zionists and Jews. Daily Tefillot, Chumash study, and Hebrew language immersion classes lay the groundwork for a love of Jewish culture and heritage.

By making the study of Ivrit and Judaism relevant to their everyday lives, students develop a true appreciation of their heritage and understand the need for continued, lifelong Jewish study.


Informal Jewish Education

As the Head of Informal Jewish Education in the Primary School, Rivka Measey’s role is to enhance the teaching and learning of Jewish Studies that already permeates the halls of our school. This department is integral in building a sense of student belonging, where they find their individual place within their class, their school, their community and Am Yisrael.

The ruach and atmosphere experienced through Informal Education on a day to day basis is evident by the richness and importance of the contribution of Informal Education sitting alongside formal Jewish education at Leibler Yavneh College.

Bat Mitzvah Program

One of the most exciting initiatives of 2013 was the invigoration/ rejuvenation of the Bat Mitzvah program. The program includes one formal class each week and special activities as listed below throughout the year.

• Fortnightly craft club for girls
• Mother/Daughter and Father/Daughter learning evening per term
• Bat Mitzvah Mother/Daughter Shabbaton
• Grandparent and Special Friend evening
• Middot Tovot project
• Tzedakah project
• Community service
• Bat Mitzvah evening

The program culminates in an evening of celebration where the Bnot Mitzvah showcase their learning and have the opportunity to honour their parents, family and their geneology/ancestry.

Over the past 3 years this program has grown and developed into a highlight for our Grade 6 girls.


School Camps

Camps are an important part of all students ‘school’ experience building leadership, confidence and team based skills. Learning to live and work together as part of a camp community is a wonderful part of Yavneh education.

Camps create and cement strong friendships as well as addressing, social skills development (Leadership, Communication, Participation) self-respect and character building (Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience) and Community Living/Service Skills (Caring, Fairness, Citizenship, Trustworthiness).

Our leaders of tomorrow show these attributes and the Informal Department has a solid input into the middot, derech eretz and future paths of our precious students. At school camps the Informal team contributes heavily to the ruach. We run activity groups during the day and plan and run Jewish Studies/Israel tochniot in the evening to ensure that students walk away having had a fun and MEANINGFUL camp experience.

Curriculum Subjects

Yavneh achieves a unique balance between a stimulating and challenging Jewish Studies curriculum, a comprehensive General Studies Curriculum and wide ranging extra curricular activities throughout the College.


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Information, Communications and Technology (ICT)
  • Robotics
  • Music
  • Art


  • Tefillah
  • Parashat Hashavua
  • Chumash
  • Mishnah
  • Navi
  • Chaigim (Halachot and Minhagim)
  • Israel Studies
  • Hebrew literacy


  • Captains
  • Student – led Portfolios (House System Jewish Life and Tzedakah)
  • Buddies Program
  • Peer Support
  • SRC


  • Bat/Bar Mitzvah Programs
  • Festival learning and celebrations
  • Informal Israel studies activities led by Sherut Leumi Girls and Hesder Boys
  • Jewish Book Week


  • Inter- house and District Competitions of Athletics and Cross Country
  • Inter house Swimming Carnival
  • Swim Intensive (Prep – Year 3)
  • Inter School Round Robin: Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Softball
  • Inter School Sport (Year 6): Football, Handball, Netball, Soccer, Softcross, Rounders


  • Art/ Craft LCuns
  • Choir
  • Drama
  • Public Speaking
  • YCare
  • Maths / English Competitions
  • Chess
  • School Camps (Years 4 – 6)
  • Butterfly Foundation (Body Image) Year 4 -6
  • CASA (Protective Behaviours) Prep – Year 6
  • Smart Start (Commonwealth Bank) Prep – Year 6
  • JCCV – YAP (Youth Alcohol Program  Year 5 – 6