The Yavneh Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a seasonal journey: final stages of college growth, reaping from years of nurtured development, re-planting for life and embracing the elements that cultivated them thus far.

In pursuing the VCE, Yavneh students are no longer solely students. They are leaders. Concurrent with academic study they are expected to exemplify the college’s values for the guidance of younger students. They are to embody commitment to family, College values and community as well as a responsibility and care for Israel. Ishiyut and hitchayvut – Character and Responsibility.

VCE students are provided with a level of unparalleled academic and social support. The esteem that typifies the Yavneh VCE program, students and results is not incidental. We provide a broad range of VCE subjects to accommodate a range of student interests and skills and maximise their potential. Our class sizes are small so students receive close tutelage and care.

Complementing scholastic studies is a range of camps, Shabbatonim, seminars and assemblies to create a VCE life that is fulfilling, maximizes academic potential, maintains a healthy body and mind and establishes resilient foundations for the next phase of life.

Together with the pursuit of academic fulfilment and excellence, our VCE program reaffirms, as its fundamental goals, the guiding principles of the College:
• the promotion of “Torah, Avodah and Gimilut Chasadim” as a way of life
• the promotion of the values of good citizenship and the wellbeing of Australian society
• the affirmation of the centrality of the State of Israel in the life of the Jewish people, as a fundamental religious value

To achieve these goals our VCE academic and Jewish Studies program is augmented with camps, Shabbatonim, seminars and assemblies.

At Leibler Yavneh College the notion of a “good VCE” incorporates a great deal more than a high ATAR score. Our students are encouraged to strive for the best academic result possible, achieved by working in a committed way towards scholastic goals without compromising the responsibilities that they have as family members and as members of the Jewish and wider community.

Our VCE students are expected to set an example for younger students by upholding and exemplifying the Jewish and scholastic values of the College. Attendance at Tefillah and an active sense of responsibility and care for their family, the school, the wider Jewish and Australian community, and for Israel, are characteristics we expect from our VCE students.

VCE students should be confident in the knowledge that their parents and teachers are their constant and greatest support. The College is tremendously proud of its students and graduates and does all it can to help them realise their dreams and fulfil their goals, as scholars and as young Jewish men and women.









Curriculum Subjects

Yavneh achieves a unique balance between a stimulating and challenging Jewish Studies curriculum, a comprehensive General Studies Curriculum and wide ranging extra curricular activities throughout the College.


Mandatory Subjects

• English
• Jewish Studies


VCE Subject Choices

• Accounting
• Art
• Biology
• Business Management
• Chemistry
• Drama
• French
• Further Maths
• General Maths (Advanced)
• General Maths (Standard)
• Hebrew
• History
• Legal Studies
• Literature
• Maths Methods
• Music
• Physical Education
• Physics
• Psychology
• Religion and Society
• Specialist Maths
• Visual Communication Design


• Chagim learning and celebrations
• Informal programs and activities on Israel and Jewish Life
• Mishmar Programs
• Beit Midrash
• Shabbatonim
• Varied Tefillah Programs
• Zionist Camps


• Year 12 Captains
• Portfolio Captains (Jewish Life, Social Action and Charity, Performing Arts)
• House Captains


• Interschool Competitive Sports Programs
• Victorian Jewish Schools Sports Association (VJSSA)
• Integrated sporting programs (Years 7 – 12)
• Sports Leadership Opportunities (coaching)
• Outdoor education activities
• Australian Schools Cup Volleyball
• Australian Futsal Competition


Students at Yavneh are provided with a level of unparalleled academic and social support.

• Individualised Education Support Programs (Years 7 – 12)
• Extensive Enrichment and Acceleration opportunities
• Higher Education Studies in Hebrew (University Hebrew)
• Life Skills
• YCare
• Convenor Support Programs
• Year 12 students are offered the opportunity to work with a dedicated ‘mentor’ teacher to advise and support them in their studies.


• Performing Arts: Soirees and Musicals
• Public Speaking
• Debating
• Book Club
• Chess Club
• Media Activities
• Inter – House Competetions
• Maths/ Science/ English Competitions
• Outreach/ Community Service Programs
• Gemara Chevrutah Shiurim